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Rudy Chidiac
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art

I'm Rudy Chidiac (formerly *Rudz-is-me) A Surreal artist. Majoring in Graphic Design. Former traditional art and sculpture CV.

I'm half-elven.

Hi guys,

I purchased an iPad air in January. And since then, I've been experimenting with digital design; nothing serious but I am just curious about the digital paintings tools available for the iPad.

I downloaded a few design apps, some are free, others are not. I spend a while creating on every application, and then I decided to give reviews for those interested. Here we go!

1- Paper by fiftyThree (Free)

Star!Star!Star!Star!No Star

I started with paper not because it's my favourite, but because it's the most I use.
Paper offers quality art tools. There's the ink tool, great for detail work, and the stroke width changes according to the drawing speed - since the iPad doesn't include a touch pressure sensor. The second tool is the pencil, very realistic but cannot offer details strokes unless you use the zoom option. Then we have the outline tool, great for drawing charts. The Pen tool, great for handwriting. And finally the watercolour brush. The watercolour brush is probably the main reason why I love paper. it blends colours in an extremely beautiful in a realistic way.

Paper is free on the App Store but there's a catch; Each tool, except the ink and eraser, is paid. Every tool is priced $1.99 and the colour mixer costs $1.99. A little bit expensive but totally worth it. The full featured app would cost something around $6.99. The app doesn't offer any kind of online backup. But you can export your drawing books as a PDF. No way to import them to Paper app back, though.

Untitled by SRudy
Untitled by SRudy

FiftyThree, the developers of Paper also developed the Pencil, an iPad stylus designed specifically for Paper.
This Pencil provides palm rejection, fast erasing using the back of the pencil, and a colour blending option using your finger. And it's beautifully crafted, comes in Walnut or graphite.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 2.17.42 PM by SRudy
Pencil by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree on the Appstore

2- Procreate ($5.99)


Procreate is without a doubt, the most user friendly iPad drawing app on the Appstore.
Procreate offers 3 high quality art tools, first the brush, then eraser, and then there's the blend tool.
With these three tools you can do the impossible. Procreate offers a lot of fully customisable brushes. You can find brushes for almost everything, sketching painting and airbrushing. It also offers the ability to customise these brushes, create your own, or even import downloaded brushes from the web through dropbox or iTunes. 

Untitled by SRudy

ProCreate saves your artworks as either a Procreate file, PSD (fully layered), JPG, or PNG. and artworks can be shared to Dropbox or iTunes.

Using ProCreate is awesome, the pinch to zoom is very responsive. The app interface is also extremely gorgeous and beautifully designed for iOS 7. The app also supports the Wacom Intuos stylus and many other stylus brands. It handles up to 40 layers. Supports layer blending and selection tool with scale/rotate/reflect options. includes opacity, blur effects, colour correction (contrast / brightness / hue and saturation) and so on.

Untitled by SRudy

The blend tool and the eraser can also use the same brushes as the brush tool. There's no limit for what you can do with these brushes.

I consider Procreate as the most professional application for digital artists. although I think it lacks some very important features like the layer styling (drop shadows, inner shadows, bevel and emboss, glow strokes) these would make it even more useful.

ProCreate on the AppStore

3- Sketchbook Pro ($4.99)

Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo Star 

Sketchbook Pro is one of my least favourite drawing apps. Although I've used it a lot in the past but it remains my least. Mainly because it's ugly, and it's harder to use. Once you get used to it you'll be okay with it, but it's really confusing when you first start using it. Nothing feels familiar in it. 

One of the best features that I love in this app is the integration with DeviantART. (I wish DeviantART would do the same with ProCreate). And the palm rejection area. This white circle is used to lay your palm on it while drawing. A very cool idea.

Untitled by SRudy

As ProCreate, Sketchbook pro provides brush editing, no import, just editing. And I must say that the ProCreate brushes are far better and cannot be compared to those available on Sketchbook Pro for iPad.

Sketchbook pro by Autodesk on the AppStore

4- Adobe Ideas (Free) 

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Adobe Ideas is a beautiful vector-based drawing app. With vector drawing you can make extremely detailed drawings using the pencil, ink, brush and calligraphic pen tools. You obviously cannot use colour blending tools in vector drawing which makes Adobe Ideas kinda limited compared to the other drawing applications.
While drawing lines you will realise that Adobe Ideas automatically refines the strokes beautifully, you can choose to turn this off in the settings.

Untitled by SRudy

Exporting your artworks as a PDF offers you the ability to continue your artwork using Adobe Illustrator or any other vector software.
Artworks are automatically uploaded to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, signing up is free. 

Adobe ideas is also very beautiful on the iPhone, but less practical of course. It is also packed with Adobe Kuler integration for colour palette syncing, and in-app photo web browsing. 

Adobe Ideas on the AppStore

5- ArtRage ($4.99) 

Star!Star!Star!No StarNo Star

ArtRage is the most "realistic" art application on the Appstore, it's pretty much like the desktop version. 
The art tools are extremely realistic and traditional. It's packed with an oil brush, Watercolour brush, Airbrush, Palette Knife (probably the most cool thing) Paint Roller, paint tube and more.

As a (mainly) traditional artist I consider this app beautiful. But I personally would prefer grabbing a real brush and canvas. In case I wanted my artwork to have such result.

Untitled by SRudy

I've never done anything serious on ArtRage. I'm sorry for the silly sketch in the screenshot, it is just to give a small example of what the brushes can do.

ArtRage on the AppStore

6- Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99)

Half StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star

If you ever want to spend a $10 on a completely useless thing. I suggest you purchase this app. Whether it's on the iPad or an Android tablet. This app is a complete disappointment.

Adobe Photoshop touch is packed with a few features, features that are available in several free applications on the Appstore. As a standalone app it's not so bad, but when compared to what Adobe offers in the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop, it is bad... You can use the selection tool, the brush tool, the stamp tool and a blurring tool. You can also use photo filters and a few other effects like drop shadows and motion blur.

Untitled by SRudy

For me, Adobe Photoshop Touch is definitely not a winner.


Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you found this useful.


The Muse - Contest winners

Fri Apr 11, 2014, 3:00 AM

Announcing the winners of the contest "The Muse" held by her highness, STelari. Here we go:

First Place

Sei Fantasie by Sieskja 

- 45 points -

Sei Fantasie by Sieskja
Beyond the stream by SieskjaNot a second time by SieskjaDet Dödande Vattnet by Sieskja

Second Place

Spiritual walk by Kafkami 
- 42 points -
Spiritual walk by Kafkami
The troll asleep by KafkamiCavale fantomatique by KafkamiMaitre corbeau by Kafkami

Third Place

Fleetfooted Muse by EccentricTeatime 

-scored 39 points-

Fleetfooted Muse by EccentricTeatime
At the Heartmaker's House by EccentricTeatimeUnnatural Habitat by EccentricTeatimeThe Gray King at the Tea Party by EccentricTeatime



Enacting on the Muse, written by Wanderlings depicts a clockwork machine filled with swift cogs, known also as artist's mind, full of distractions and ideas swirling around.

Of Not AlonenessA quiet flutter
of falling snow,
perhaps a thousand little thuds,
little impacts on the ground –
also of a thousand hearts,
beating in time together.
Even though in this
there is no hand for mine to hold,
I am not so alone.
There are a billion hearts beating
out there in the world, somewhere past
all the echoes of falling snow.
Onion SmilesI want to be honest about myself, like
the honesty of a sharp fresh onion making my
eyes tear at the chemical reaction from its skin. Often
though, it's terribly hard to peel away the stereotypes and
presuppositions and assumptions, acting as tenuous barriers between
the external thoughts of hope and love, to the tender  heart and flesh
of our onion souls, which I would assert are both sharp - from our
awareness of ourselves (if only of ourselves) - and raw - from
the fresh and intricate revelations in every layer of these
structures, like ourselves, named "human".


Dear GrimGloomTalers

First of all, as usual, huge thank you to all the participants (even though you've probably brought some headaches to the voters, it wasn't easy to choose just 3 entries put of 19 brilliant pieces). It must be mentioned that Achen089's, Erianrhod's and Aya-Lunar's entries received amount of points close to the winners. Big thank you to all the prize donators (you'll receive informative notes soon) and to all who took their time to vote.

You may expect a new contest next month, after our Spring feature. I've already prepared a theme for it, but I wanted to ask you anyway - what kind of contest themes would you like to see in the future?

Have a lovely Spring (or Autumn)!
Original Winners Announcement

Istvan Sandorfi

Wed Apr 2, 2014, 3:07 PM

1 by SRudy

István Sándorfi


◯ Life

István Sándorfi (Also known as Étienne Sandorfi) born in Budapest Hungary in 1948, was a hyperrealist painter. Known for his hyperrealistic abstract oil paintings.
His father was a director of the American company, IBM, in Hungary. Sándorfi started to draw when he was 8. And moved to oil paints when he was 12 years old. As he grow older, István studied Fine Arts in paris.
Sándorfi later got married and became a father of two girls.

His first exhibition was in a small gallery in Paris, then the first great exhibition was held in 1973 at the "Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris". After that his painting were found in several museums abroad, like in Copenhagen, Rome, Munich, Bruxelles, Basel, New York, Los Angeles and in San Francisco.

2 by SRudy

◯ Art

On his painting he used strange objects, or very strange movements and situations. The color of his 1970-1980s era was the blue, the lilac and their cold combinations. In the 1980s he made more female forms and still life. Since 1988 he painted mainly women.

3 by SRudy

Although István is considered as a hyperrealism artist, his art mixes the mood of surrealism. The attention to details of hyperrealism and the beautiful brush strokes of abstract art.

4 by SRudy
Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including "Le Pardon Version Posthume" sold at 'Artcurial Briest Contemporary Art' in 2007 for $23,618.
5 by SRudy

◯ Feature

Ascension by timothyjahn
Istvan Sandorfi Master Study by XeNzO
Homenaje a Sandorfi by DANO18
Transported Man by timothyjahn

Thanks a lot for reading

And I hope you found this useful


Skin by SRudy


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Mac Stamp by Sheikah-ness Bjork Stamp by sadistikid Telari - CR Stamp Project by Sieskja
Melodie Bloo stamp by Rosane-Chawi stamp dali by lex-shadow I Love Buttons - Stamp by SRudy



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